Saturday, August 15, 2009


I got the Title!

I got the Title!

Wednesday we went down to the dealership and bought a Scion Xb. Yay! It will come in from the port this week. (Here's another cool thing -- our mortgage rate automatically adjusted downwards yielding us an $800 monthly savings. With a decent down payment on the car and Cash for Clunkers, we end up with a $300 monthly car payment. So, yeah, we're still ahead by $500. Sweet.)

Now the dealership is saying I have to find proof of last year's insurance before I can take delivery. (The clunker has to have been insured for at least a full year before trade-in. I have this year's insurance card, but I'm back to rummaging through drawers to find proof of last's year's insurance. Sigh. I think I can get proof on Monday from AAA. Hoop. Jump. Hoop. Jump.)

Staying cool and calm, but excited nonetheless.

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