Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Needing coffee

I took my kids up to Michael's farm last weekend. I met a girl there I had previously only talked to online. She was amazed at the horses and is now an instant fan. Not of me, but of Michael and the way he talks about and treats his horses.

My friend fell in love with this guy, Eldar HD:

The chick with the extravagant hair is the ever-lovely Neo.

Eldar is a young stud colt, as is Latitude who's standing behind him.

Here are some older studs. (Ignore the file name if you click on the picture. I saved it as "Primitivo", but that's entirely incorrect. He's not even in this picture.) Here are Shiraz, in front, and I believe that's Bright Flame walking behind him. Bright Flame* and his full brother (not pictured) have very similar markings and are turned out in the same paddock. Shiraz, Eldar, and Latitude are all Davenports and are therefore very closely related.

My friend in Georgia, whom Neo and I visited a few years ago, has a bunch of horses who are related to Shiraz's father, a lovely horse named Regency. So there's a connection between the two farms and between other horses you've seen me post in the past.

Here's Neo getting mauled by Almohada, a black mare who insists on getting petted. She's practically strangling herself! Almohada is also a Davenport.

And here's Phebe petting a lovely Arabian who is NOT a Davenport! Wow. Considering that the minority of Michael's horses are Davenports, it's amazing how few pictures I have of the non-Davenports. Anyway, this is Crystal Naiah, a lovely mare with old classic California Arabian bloodlines. This group excels in Endurance competitions as well as in all around sport competitions (dressage, hunter over fences, etc.). And they're cute too.

Phebe got pretty bored pretty fast, so I gave her the camera. I therefore have many many pictures of the ground and of people's chins. Not so many of the horses. Oh well. I'll have to go back up and get more.

*Edited to add: It's actually not Bright Flame, as pointed out in the comments by Ambar, but his full brother. So yeah, I goofed on the identification.


Anonymous said...

That photo of the two chestnuts is Shiraz CF and Anduril GSB. "Dandy" is Bright Flame's younger brother. You can tell them apart because Flame is nearly bald-faced and has white over his knees. (Flame is actually the foal on the front page of Michael's website.)

Suisan said...

Well, I knew it was one of the full brothers. I jut screwed up the markings.

Thanks for the correction!!

Suisan said...

I was going by this picture and when I "identified" him I was focusing on the white lips. Not on the white knees.


Anonymous said...

Am so glad to see your blog becoming more active. :)

Also, thanks for the pics. :)

Anon Again