Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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STUBBORN HORSE.... CHEAP! (san jose east)

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Date: 2008-09-28, 1:55AM PDT

I have a 4 yr old TB mare who just happens to be the most STUBBORN horse in the world. She's got TONS of potential to be a great gymkhana or roping horse, but she's just got a few quirks- like being "stuck in reverse." Shes saddlebroke, and perfectly rideable, that is, however, if you can actually manage to stay put and then convince her to go FORWARD, not BACKWARD. She'll go backwards all day, just not forward. Go figure. She's a bit hoppy, too. Likes to hop around a lot when you're in the saddle...oh yes, and let's not forget her favorite habit, trying to step on you when youre leading her anywhere. Yep, she's got a few issues. **HOWEVER** The problem is, I just dont have enough time to spend with her...I broke her myself and I'd be able to work out all her kinks if I only had the time....but sadly, I dont. She REALLY doea have the potential to be a GREAT horse for someone who has enough time and experience to work with her-that I am POSITIVE of. I need to find somebody ASAP who is willing to help her learn how to become that aweesome horse we all know she's gonna be. Adoption fee is $800, but at this point thats VERY negotiable...please E-mail me for pics and any inquiries...thanks.
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Apologies to Fugly: Wow. You say you trained her yourself? And you can fix all those problems yourself if you only had the time? Huh. "Stuck in reverse" is such a testament to your training abilities too. Go figure. And she can't lead. And she's "hoppy" AND you know she's going to be awesome. Yikes.

There's something fairly offensive about putting this ad up for all the world to see. Or embarrassing? Or, I dunno, idiotic?

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