Thursday, April 10, 2008

A beautiful thing

This blog, Saving Argus, has only been up since November of last year. Between last night and this morning, I've read the whole thing. I don't really have good enough words of praise for it.

Argus is a 16 year old Thoroughbred gelding who spent his entire life in a small (way too small) muddy paddock eating bread and iceberg lettuce. The blog is written by the woman who took him in and has had to introduce him to open space, being led by a halter, food, and kindness. And she writes about it all in a moving way, but without resorting to "fluffy bunny" cuteness which so often goes hand-in-hand with internet tales of horse rescue.


Anonymous said...

Hi Suisan

(Waving HI )

Thanks so much for the link. It was refreshing after that last one.

Doug said...

off topic . . . linky for you back at my place.

Bev(BB) said...

Hope things are going better for you. You’re in my thoughts.