Saturday, August 25, 2007

Flashbacks and earworms

Had all the lyrics memorized to this as soon as I bought her first album.

And this was my favorite from that album.

And then I have to include this. (Add some Echo and the Bunnymen and some Buddy Holly and you've just stepped into my Smith College dorm room, circa 1987.)


Suisan said...

Forgot to say that the first two are Suzanne Vega and the third is obviously Laurie Anderson.

Suisan said...

Neo also said after listening the the first song, "Ooo. She's good. I like this." Then at the end, she said, "It's so emo."

Well, I dunno nothing about no emo, but um, how about just sad or poignant?


Neo said...

Because 'sad' doesn't really mean 'sad' any more, more like 'having a bad day' or 'just lost a necklace'. Emo is what 'sad' used to mean, 'upset' or 'depressed'. The language has changed.