Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sick Puppy

Damien Donck for Newsweek

I have a sick sense of humor.

I should be ashamed. But now I really want one.

Bad girl.

Writing a check to Goodwill and to Habitat for Humanity as contrition.....


Megan Frampton said...

Those are awesome! I'd like the Apathy one...but I probably wouldn't get around to ordering it.

Suisan said...

The blackest one says Nihilism, but it didn't come out in the picture.

I want to buy a gross lot and give them out to perky friends.

CindyS said...

Since I had to look up Nihilism, I guess I shouldn't get to buy these.

Bob had some band on his wrist because one of his co-workers went to a conference and Bob wanted to show him support. 5 months that band has been on his wrist and i can't remember what it said but it was positive. He mentioned on the weekend that you are only supposed to have them for a month and then you are to pass it on. I pulled that thing off his wrist and gave it to a little boy running by.

Wish he'd said something sooner!