Sunday, October 09, 2005


Oh good lord.

What have I done?

Well, I've signed up to be part of the National Novel Writing Month.

50,000 words? Yeah, like, no problem. Eh. Sure.

Can you feel the confidence just pouring out of me? Well, good. That must mean that I can write a whole lot better than I think I can. Because I think I may have set myself up.

"Now, now," says the other side of me. "Can't jump in the pool until you decide to walk to the edge of the pool and look in, now can you? It's not even November. Pull yourself together and decide to try it."

In other news: I turned the heel on my Madame DeFarge sock and am now working down the foot to the toe.


CindyS said...

Well, maybe you could use a buddy. A buddy who wouldn't meet the 50k word count but, you know, someone signed up for it.

The idea of starting from scratch and writing a novel is scary. I don't even know what I would write about. Bob says 'duh, romance'. He says I am a good writer but A) he's bias and B) he doesn't read fiction - much.

I'll think it over. Good job on your socks!


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