Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Keeping up

Haven't had a chance to check the wonderful blogs which are posted along the left hand side recently.

I visit my blog and think, awww, no comments, but then realize about a half hour later that I haven't even read anybody else's.

Abject apology.....

Have a great Columbus Day and take some time to surf. {Edited to add: OK this is how far behind I am, I wrote this on Monday and I'm posting it Wednesday.}

And speaking of Columbus--when I lived in Berkeley, CA, I discovered that the City Fathers had renamed it Indigenous People's Day. My daughter's elementary school was called Columbus Elementary School, and it was picketed by protesters every Columbus Day.

So they got some state modernization funds to upgrade the building. They rotated the site ninety degrees so that the school had a new address and renamed it Rosa Parks elementary school. My daughter's preschool teacher was a terrific "woman of color," Simone. When I told her where my daughter was heading, at first she didn't recognize the name of the school. The she laughed, put one hand on her hip, cocked her head to the side, snapped her fingers and said, "Those kids say, 'Mmm Hmmm! We don't ride at the back of no bus at Rosa Parks!' Good luck getting them to school!"

Unintended consequences I suppose.


Douglas Hoffman said...

Hi Suisan,

See? Visit blog, get comments. It's that easy. And you give me a Berkeley anecdote, too? That's positive reinforcement. You know I'll be back for more.

I have two words for you: Top Dog.

meljean brook said...

I've been the same way -- I usually am able to make the blog rounds daily (or every other day) but lately it's been about once a week. Lack of time, mostly.

Anonymous said...

Really? I don't remember that. . . .