Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Harriet Miers stepped down and talks about it eloquently in her fantastic blog.

Thank You Note.

And I am waiting to see what else the Bushes will toss our way. Please let it be someone I can support. Please?


Kate R said...

did you see the people (more than one person!) leaving comments at the blog who were shocked at the mistakes she made in grammar? as in they though this was the real Harriet Miers?


I will look for Joy. I WILL any SECOND. Maybe next time I need to avoid revisions. .

Suisan said...


Peepel are so stoopid sometimes!

I saw a blog the other day ranting about Mr. Bush's use of the "made-up" word, embetter. He's so dumb. It's not a word, etc.

Except that, eh, it IS a word. A dumb-sounding word which sounds like embitter or embedded, but it's still a word nonetheless. Myabe try looking something up before leaping into a rant?

I worry that we are rapidly losing our sense of humor.....

Anonymous said...

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