Friday, October 07, 2005

And then, you know, we went here and then this happened and then....

I have had enough of run-on sentences.

I hate them.

Now I must admit to enjoying a fully descriptive sentences, not unlike this one, with commas delineating clauses or phrases; the addition of the semicolon is often a nice touch in a complex sentence as well.

But then there's the run on. Enough.

Where do I get my abhorrence for the run on sentence? From public comments at public meetings. The worst offenders are not the nervous public, or the impassioned public, who have come to fling their complaints and their weeping children at you. No, I actually like and admire them. (Although sometimes they do make me uncomfortable, I admit. But hey, I raised money and walked precincts to be sitting up here, I might as well take my blows with a sympathetic nod and tip of the chin.)
What makes me go over the moon is when a fellow board member, feeling defensive, decides to outline his or her position without thinking about what that might be beforehand.

"And when I was about to make that vote I had to think about what it might mean to the community, and I had to look at all sides but still make a decision which I knew many people wouldn't like, but I looked to my heart and voted, and I hope the people who may or may not still be upset with me really understand how hard this job is, and how I try to keep the best interests of the children in my heart whenever I take a vote."

"Surfeit of cherries," indeed. Can people die from a surfeit of conjunctions? If so, I know a person, right in my own little town who may soon be rushed to the hospital complaining of an odd medieval ailment.

OK, personal and obscure rant over. Sorry.

In other news, I REALLY want a red IBM Selectric. No, like, I'm dreaming about it. I could find one, I'm sure. But does anyone know if there are people around who still service those warhorses?