Saturday, September 17, 2005


My son cannot bring his jackets home from school.

This week he left two jackets (his only two), his lunchbox, and his thermos full of soup at school. I don't know where the lunchbox is, but after two and a half days of soups festering in there, I don't want it back.

I went to Target to get new pants for little sister, new jacket/pullovers, new lunckbox & thermos, and came home with the boxed set for the Muppet Show.

So now, sing with me kids, I have the Mahna Mahna song in my head.

Mah na, Mah na.
Boop Boo de Boop Boop.

I want to know wrote the blessed thing--it sounds so early sixites hep jazzy. Did some Googling, and found some of its history--follow the links below.

But this I just have to share--French Lyrics to Mais Non, Mais Non.

Some more histoire:

The song
The man

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