Friday, September 16, 2005

Laundry list

1. Pull laundry from dryer.
2. Fold laundry. All laundry. Six loads of laundry.
3. Put a basket of folded laundry in each child's room.
4. Move pile of single socks from bedroom chair to extra laundry basket.
5. Make coffee.
6. Start on list of twelve phone calls which must be made by 3 pm today.
7. Bring coffee upstairs to sip while putting folded clothes away.
8. Answer phone.
9. Move pile of single socks from basket to son's bed.
10. Answer phone.
11. Strip son's bed.
12. Fish pile of clean but mismatched socks from tangled pile of son's sheets.
13. Put pile of single, mismatched socks in basket in laundry room.
14. Start washer with son's sheets.
15. Answer phone.
16. Read letter to the editor caller needed me to read.
17. Retrieve cold coffee from bedroom. Reheat.
18. Make first phone call.
19. Unload dishwasher.
20. Take out trash.
21. Seriously consider throwing away pile of mismatched socks.
22. Answer phone.
23. Make second phone call.
24. Look at sock pile again to wonder what I am saving them for.
25. Straighten up kitchen.
26. Discover pledge sheet from son's school which was due back at start of school today.
27. Answer phone.
28. Write email as follow-up to phone call.
29. Make third phone call.
30. Return upstairs to continue putting clothes away.
31. Answer phone. (Oh come on!!)

And at this point I realize that it's almost 11, and I have to do grocery shopping by 12 so that I can pick up kids by 12:30.

Put "Do laundry" as a task on my Palm for tomorrow.


CindyS said...

Socks. They are the bane of my existence. Ours move around also but I have started putting them in the sock drawer so I don't have to look at them. Of course there is only Bob and I so there are only two drawers they can be in.

I throw out socks after I recognize a culprit for more than 6 months. 'Hey, you've been waiting for a mate for too long - you're outta here!'


Anonymous said...

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