Friday, September 02, 2005

I Love My Local Bookstore

I Love my Local Bookstore, I do, I do.

And I'll say it again.

I love my local bookstore.

They have a couch and a few chairs. They display art projects above the stacks made by local kids (either in school or in local studios). They offer free cookies. They giftwrap your books for free. They have a well-stocked children's area with a few tray puzzles available for toddler younger siblings. (And the toys are not encrusted with yesterday's yogurt either.) Like most local bookstores, they have events--reading groups, the occasional author appearance, a midnight (packed to the gills!) Harry Potter release party.

But mostly I love the staff.

My son takes martial arts around the corner which his older sister (10 going on 16) hates sitting through. So she goes to the bookstore and surfs the bookshelves.

She had a plane flight last month, and the day before she left, I went to the bookstore. "I need four paperback books for her," I told the staff. "But I don't know what titles she wants." I told him that she liked Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter, but not Series of Unfortunate Events nor Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She also likes books with animals and really enjoyed Time Cat. But she doesn't like anything too medieval with dragons and princesses. It was a delight to watch two adults scurry around the children's section offering up titles. Try this! Oooh. I dunno about that one. There's a dragon. But how about this?

Today I had a few minutes after picking her up from flute lesson and we stopped in to see if she "needed" anything. I told her she had three minutes to find two books.

I started wandering around the store and Ken comes up to me. "Looking for anything?"
"Well, something good to read."
"Try this. No this one's better. Here, you need to read this. We may be starting a readers group on this one soon."

Meanwhile, my daughter found a few picks and then asked Ken about the sequel to Regarding the Fountain, Regarding the Trees. "I don't have that one in stock. I don't even think I've heard of that one, but I've read Regarding the Sink. Do you want to ask your Mom if we should order it?"

Totally cool guy treating her with the utmost respect.

Last Christmas he also recommended Dragonology to my then six year old son, because "It was so cool, someone needs to take it home, and that might as well be you. You're cool enough for this book."

I do love my bookstore....


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CindyS said...

Awwww, why can't I have a bookstore like this? ::sniff::

Sounds absolutely wonderful and what a bookstore should be like.

Our local bookstore says it has 100 000 titles. Too bad they never have the 10 or so I want to read ;)


Suisan said...

Whoa...Who be the new posters?

I mean, y'all are welcome and everything, but I got used to this only being Cindy, Maili and me.

Cindy: I kind of keep forgetting how much I love this place. Nice to take a moment and remember why.

Suisan said...

OK, My college stories ain't classic, they just be dusty.

I can't grow tulips here because it doesn't get cold in the winters. My neighbors with tulips all treat them as annuals. So it's not high on my interest list.

And, well the dressage site is really only selling t-shirts, and I don't download music.

Gotta love that Spam. (Maybe it's time to turn on word recognition..)

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