Friday, August 12, 2005


Brianna had an idea to create traffic. It involves bribery, sure, but hey, what else works these days?

To that end, I've added Brianna's blog to my links, and today I'm visiting (and posting) all those who commented on Brianna's suggestion. Care to play?

Edit: Brianna's Mommy correctly pointed out that she is not Brianna. Duh. So the correct first line should be:

Brianna's Mommy had an idea to create traffic. Etc., Etc.


Angela James said...

LOL. Thank you. But I do just want to point out that I'm actually Brianna's MOMMY ;) And given the interest in that book, it seems like you were busy blog hopping today!


Kristie (J) said...

It's a great way to "meet" everyone. I love visiting blogs. They seem so much more intimate than message boards, although I still love them too :)

Suisan said...


Fixing it now :)

BJ Deese said...

Hiya Suisan! It's cool you stopped by my blog. I'm bookmarking yours and will add you to my links (when I update again). LOL

Have a great weekend!

Jay said...

Your traffic drive worked! Thanks for commenting :)

La Karibane said...

Thank you for visiting my blog...and everybody else's!!!

I'm very conscious that my blog subject is somewhat removed from all the romance-reader blogs I comment on, so much that I feel like I should put a warning after my url : Not Romantic At

I think I visited your blog when you put it up because you commented about it on someone's blog, who, can't remember!!! (my memory is so bad these days, it's either early onset senility or post-traumatic stress disorder)

Anonymous said...

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