Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm such a Beeyotch

Just so y'all know, I'm an elected official.

And I've got something of a reputation as being, well, not a nice (as in simpering and smiling sweetly) girl. I will tell you what I think, and you may not agree with it, but there you go. At least you know what I think.

We are blessed in our town with perhaps the world's worst, OK, maybe only the County's worst, newspaper. Can't walk out of a room through an open door without getting a fact wrong.

Below, please find a letter to the editor I wrote this morning. (Names blacked out to protect the innocent.)

Dear Editor:

I was interviewed a few days ago by your education reporter who was very eager to
get a confirmation of my present age. I gave her my year of birth but further replied
that I could not understand the value of determining an exact age as she was ostensibly calling to collect a quote. I note in today's paper "Seven Candidates for School Board" that every candidate listed is further identified with their exact age.
I suppose this is an admirable attention to detail.

On the other hand, in the tradition of [Town Name] Herald's often bizarre reporting
standards, my name is mispelled, and I am listed as being a candidate for November's
election. I am an incumbent, yes, but not a candidate. Further, [reporter name]'s list of candidates is not complete. There is no mention of [another candidate's name], a candidate who has filed papers with the [blank] County Registrar of Voters. I do not know her age.


[District name] School District Trustee.
Term 2003-2007

Think they'll print it?


CindyS said...

Hmm, they might not print your letter but they might put an addendum on their report next issue. But seriously, what is with the age thing? I wonder if it for those in our world that believe people over 60 are the best civil servants. So if you are up for a position and you are young, you might not get the vote of those who believe with age comes wisdom.

Course, I think wisdom comes to those who are smart to begin with. I have met too many older people who don't have a clue to fall for this ;)

Other thing, I wouldn't care if you were nice or not. As long as you did the job you set out to do. Me, I like strong women who aren't afraid to call out 'bullshit!'

Bob has said that if I were ever Prime Minister - the overspending would stop. Spla-dow!! I want to see the books - pronto!! I'd save my country millions, millions I tell ya!


Suisan said...

The age thing is weird. For School Board too they want to know how many children you have. Is four better than two? Is it better to be a young mother with lots of energy and focus on the schools? Or is it better be older and to have had children go all the way through the system?

Here's a thought: Find out what the candidates think on the issues! Gasp.

OK, enough politics. I do it all day long. Back to reading...