Wednesday, August 24, 2005

House guests

Busy! Busy!

Didn't even take the time to say, "Hey! Monday was the first day of school." Whew. Two of my kids are out of the house during the day. Which leaves me to entertain the four year old on my own, but at least she doesn't fight with her siblings WHEN THEY ARE NOT HERE! God bless teachers. Really.

Things are rough in my mother's life.

My older brother is going through a divorce, and he calls her daily to complain about his almost ex-wife. "Today she packed all my toiletries in a bag and put them by the door." (Gee. Think there's a mesage in that?) "Today she left all her personal emails lying around so that I could see how all her friends agree with her and think I'm a jerk." (Gee. Think there's a message in that?) Mother sounds sympathetic, but then turns the conversation to reality, like, "When is your next meeting with your lawyer? Have you finished your financial statement yet?" which he doesn't appreciate, so hangs up in a huff. But she still hates that he calls her daily to bitch. (Note here: she was a divorce lawyer for 17 years. She loved the law but retired because her clients were making her crazy.)

My mother's father died a few years ago and his estate still isn't probated. Turns out the Executor never filed income taxes for the year he died. He wants my mother, the benficiary, to cough up the 3 years of penalties, so they're fighting. (Note here: don't fight with a retired lawyer. Just don't. Husband says my mother could pick a fight with God and win.)

My mother just had elective surgery, so she's fighting off exhaustion from the recovery. And to top it all off, she and my dad are putting an addition on the house. Turns out the new first floor bedroom's foundation, is, eh, a parallelogram, not a square. (And this is the second time the subcontractor has built the foundation. It had faulty concrete the first time around.) Time to call in the bulldozer again!

All in all, not a really great time in her life.

Mom called me last night to ask, "Please can you fly across the country and stay the weekend? I'd love to see you." I spent all day today trying to figure out a schedule of babysitters to make this work. (Husband owns his own butcher shop. Leaves at 8am, returns home 8 or 9pm. Works all weekend. My ten year old is wise beyond her years, but I connot see her preparing dinner for her siblings and getting them to bed.)

By this afternoon she had called me 12 times. "Are you coming?"
"I'm trying, but now I need coverage for Friday night."

Finale: She's coming here Thursday night, staying into Monday morning.

How I love house guests. Especially depressed angry ones.

Time to load up on the herbal teas.


CindyS said...

Oh no. Maybe just getting out of her enviroment will cheer her up.

Believe it or not, my mother lives 5 minutes from me and she has never in the 10 years I have been married dropped in for a visit. My father has dropped in twice. Bob and I used to drop into my parents place all the time and then finally, even Bob had enough and refused to go. Now, he has to drag me there. They come and visit when they are invited and I invite them a lot during the summer. Bob said he couldn't imagine that I would be happy moving far away from my parents. I said, 'what's the difference?'

I hope that you have a good time with your mother and that she doesn't bring you down. She has had a rough time of it but she is probably looking for some peace and quiet.


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