Thursday, July 28, 2005

With Apologies to Mr. Conrad

The Horror!

The Horror!

My bathroom will never be done. I'm slogging through thick gooey mud up to my knees on this one. Ok, the wallpaper came off, and I'm primed everything, but the paint isn't covering. Bwahh!

The Door--Two coats over primer. Needs another coat.

The Vanitity--two coats over primer. Finally OK, but there are drips near the toilet tank which are going to bother me for eternity.

The Ceiling. Ugh. The Ceiling. Primed it, Painted it with EXACTLY one quart of paint. Now, this morning, I see that it needs more paint in the back corner by the window. I have to buy more paint just for that????

And I'm looking at the walls and realizing that if it took one quart to do the ceiling, then I'll definitely need more paint just to put a first coat on the walls. (And they might need a second coat??)

I want this to be done. And to that end, I'm off to cut in the corners of the walls. I definitely have enough paint for that.