Sunday, July 24, 2005

Testing, Testing


First post.

I'll do an introduction later, but for now I'll just write some stuff to see what the blog looks like.

I put Janan Abinoam up here as a reminder. He didn't take no guff from no one. Bouncy, funny, smart, and a totally kick-ass guy. Was once the gorilla of the barn, roaring down the aisle showing off and screaming. If he could he would have beat his chest.

But then a few moments later he'd put on his "cute puddin" face if he saw a willing audience. Sneaky bastard.

My aunt found him -- he was an Arabian bred in all lines back to desert-bred horses imported to America by Homer Davenport in 1906. He was the first horse I ever cued into a canter from a dead halt. Wow. Now there's a rush.

He was a cool dude. It was a privelege to know him. And now his "puddin face" can remind me to get going.


OK, that wasn't soooo bad!


McVane said...

Oh, dear, I have a tear gathering in my eye. I'm so proud. It looks fantastic. :)

It's funny that you have a pix of a horse up because I'm petrified of horses. Let me tell you some day about that hoof-shaped black bruise I once had on my bottom.

Suisan said...

Yeah, once time a mare decided to cal my bluff when I did the arms-outstretched-I'm-bigger-than-I-look dance. I had a hoof-shaped bruise on my lefthand lower back and another on the right shoulder. At the ER I was treated to a line of nurses traipsing through my curtained stall.

"Oooo. Look at that!"

Hello? Doctor? Treatment? Back?

Suisan said...

And I really have to take a minute to check the spelling on these comments/posts.

Og wel...

McVane said...


You know that you can correct whatever you write in the post? There should be a little icon [a yellow pencil] next to 'comments' [if there isn't, go to SETTINGS, then BASIC, then scoll down to QUICK EDITING [QE], change from No to Yes].

Click on the icon and it'll take you to the draft box where you can make some corrections or changes. Once done, just click on Post. If you want to take a post off, just click on QE and click on SAVE DRAFT. This will take the posted post off the blog.

Anonymous said...

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