Saturday, July 30, 2005

La Voila!

Eh, Voila! She is complete. (Please don't bother me with the details if "the bathroom" he is masculine. The only High School French I'm coming up with is "lavabo," and I'm pretty sure that only refers to the sink, not to the room in general.)

In the picture to the left you will see that I have stripped the pink vinyl wallpaper and replaced it with two shades of green paint. I also decided to paint the vanity a loverly barn red. (It had been that strange pickled white oak cabinetry so favored by the builders of the 1980's.)

Why did I not take before pictures? I should have, because the fact that someone thought to create a pink vinyl ALLIGATOR print wallpaper deserves to be documented. But, alas, not by me.

The picture to the right demonstrates only that I was fortunate enough to find matching towels at the Linens N Things this weekend. Oh, and that I found some cute faux orientals to toss on the floor.

I'm so proud of ME!!

(And next time I get the urge to redo, I am SO hiring the painting out.) I go through the cycle of: "This is easy. I can do THAT. Why pay to have someone else do it?" to (next project): "I am NEVER doing that again. Quick. Get me the phone book. I'll hire a handy man."

And now I can get back to reading. Just started Isabel Allende's Zorro. She made his mother an Indian rebel with caramel colored eyes. Good plan so far. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Take Care


CindyS said...

Suisan, don't you remember me? ::sniff:: I commented over on Maili site about how beautiful your bathroom renovations were! Just so you know, the only people who can comment on your blog are those with a blogger account. Since I just opened an account (you were there) I can now post on your site. If you want to allow anyone to comment go to your account, click on settings and then there will be a comment tab. Click on that and the second one down it asks who can comment. I put in anyone. Just in case you were wondering where everyone is ;)

Suisan said...

::egg on my face::

Off to fix the blog....

Anonymous said...

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